Morvarid egg is a product of Morvarid food industry and agriculture, with more than half a century of experience in the production and packaging of chicken, egg, quail and partridge, it is one of the best production units in Iran.

The above production units are currently capable of producing 300 tons of eggs per day, of which 50 tons of eggs are produced and collected fully automatically and under the supervision of an expert veterinarian after confirming the absence of common diseases between humans and animals by Fully automatic devices are packed and ready for production. These production units have the ability to increase production and are unique in terms of facilities and expert staff
Daily Morvarid Egg is an official member of IEC International Egg Commission. It is also an official member of Iran's Association of Certified Egg Producers, Wholesalers and Bankers in the past three decades.

Considering the importance of preserving the nutritional value of eggs, this company decided to prepare its packaging containers from the best and highest quality materials. T
he packaging varied in size and dimensions.

One of the new packaging of this production unit is in the form of packed combs in various numbers and dimensions for all categories of dear consumers, which makes it easy to transport and reduce the price and not damage the products.

The printing machines used in this production unit are fully automatic and are manufactured by one of the most reliable European companies in this
industry. Consumable ink is 100% food that is not harmful to humans.